IHRM in collaboration with the Case Manager Association of South Africa are inviting you to attend webinars

Topic: Home-based Care in  lieu of Hospitalisation

Presenter: Dr Martin De Villiers (Medical Director)

Date: Tuesday 11 May 2021

Time: 13:30 to 16:00

Dr De Villiers will present on:

  • Let us re-imagine healthcare in South Africa
  • How do we move towards Value-Based Care?
  • Place of Healing - at Home - what are the challenges of Home-Based Care - and how can we assist in the transition

This webinar will be prepared using the Teams Microsoft online platform. You can attend from the comfort of your home or office. All you require is internet connectivity. 


CMASA active members: R260.00 per delegate VAT exclusive

Non-active CMASA members: R300.00 per delegate VAT exclusive

CPD Points TBA

For healthcare and allied healthcare providers. Compulsory attendance to the event


Dr De Villiers is a registered family Physician and specialist in Family Medicine. He has extensive experience in the macro and micro environments of the healthcare funding industry in general, and medical schemes and the managed care industry in South Africa in particular. He is currently consulting for Medwell SA, a home health management company, ideally positioning him to present on this topic.

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Future webinar dates

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14 July 2021

Future webinar topics

·       Developments in palliative care


The emerging new case management science is where the case manager, metaphorically speaking, is the conductor of the orchestra to direct the various musicians to provide the best music. Each musician plays a different instrument but together they produce an excellent outcome if the conductor keep them in harmony.  The patient outcome is metaphorically the music being played by the orchestra and if one musician is not contributing the music is of a poor quality. It is thus not the director’s task to ensure that every musician has a quality instrument, but it is the director’s task to ensure that what each musician produce is adding value to the music being played.